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About the Weekend

A Via de Cristo weekend is a three day course to review Christian fundamentals, discuss ways to live them actively, and learn some practical tools to keep them vital.

The Via de Cristo weekend begins on Thursday night and ends the following Sunday night. During the three days, those attending live and study together. Each day there is prayer, worship, communion, and much singing. All for the purpose of gaining a deep, permanent, living awareness of one's faith and the response that comes from such awareness.

The Via de Cristo weekend is centered around 14 talks, five given by pastors and the rest by laypersons all of whom are part of a team who have attended a previous weekend. The talks present the Christian life, based on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Those who attend take notes and have small roundtable discussions about the talks. In the evening table groups share the content of their discussions with the whole group. Usually there are four to six table groups of six or more persons each. Deep friendships and lasting relationships may be formed among table groups.

Each morning before breakfast, the community gathers for prayer, Scripture, and a brief meditation. The team and participants engage in worship and Holy Communion. The sermon is usually a "shared Homily" with comments from all on the meaning and application of scripture. Each evening before bed, the community gathers for brief devotion and prayer.

A brief closing ceremony is held on Sunday afternoon, in which we are reminded of our place in the mission of Christ on earth -- that we have been called for a purpose.

Via de Cristo gives those attending a living understanding of basic Christian truths. There is music and singing, food and fellowship, a time for laughter and prayer.

All activity during a Via de Cristo weekend, including the talks and meditations, is surrounded in prayer and total dependence on God.

Please keep an open mind and heart in making your decision to attend a Via de Cristo weekend. Many participants return from a Via de Cristo weekend with the desire to share that experience with others. Each person's experience attending a Via de Cristo weekend is unique. Your Via de Cristo weekend will be a gift from God, for you alone.

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